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Plant Care Information:
(In order to maintain your plant guarantee this is important to follow!)

  Water Amount
Shade-Ornamental Trees   15   7  
Evergreen Trees   15   7 - 10  
Flowering Shrubs   3   2 - 3  
Evergreen Shrubs   3   2 - 3  
  If hot and dry conditions persist, water in between regular waterings BUT ONLY at 1/2 the recommended rate. And if possible spray the foliage with water daily, In the mornings only. Wet foliage during the night can promote foliar diseases.  
  The recommended method of Watering is with a hose! The average amount of water flowing through a standard garden hose (5/8") is about 1 Gal. every 10 or 12 seconds.  

How Long D0 I Have To Do This?
Groundcover & Perennials
Deciduous: One year for every inch of trunk diameter ie: 3" equals 3 growing seasons.  

Deciduous or Evergreen: At least 3 growing seasons.
Flowering: 3 growing seasons or more if needed.

  Groundcover: At least 3 growing seasons or as needed depending on the weather.
Evergreen: One year for each 2' in height
(ie: 6 foot tree equals 3 growing seasons.)
  Broad Leaf: (Boxwood or Rhododendron or Azalea)These plants require a little more care. Because they keep their leaves through the winter extra water should be applied in the fall before the ground freezes.   Perennials: The watering of perennials depends on the type of plant. Some prefer dry conditions and others want wet conditions. It is best to ask the Designer of your garden what is recommended.

Fertilizing should not start until the plants have been through one growing season after planting and the plant(s) appear to be growing, you will see signs of new growth.
(3 Times a year)
(once a month)
  Groundcover & Perennials
(every other month)
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th July
  • Labor day

    Use a product recommended for shrubs especially if the shrubs a flowering. Apply at half 1/2 the Mfgs. recommended rate and water thourghly.

      Same as shrubs but at Full rate.  

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